Super Laser Racer

Super Laser Racer 1.0

Top down racing gets a neon-futuristic makeover


  • Easy to pick up, hard to master
  • Cool retro style
  • Track editor


  • Difficulty levels are unbalanced
  • No multiplayer


Super Laser Racer is a mix between a top down racing game and Geometry Wars. It takes Super-Sprint like racing, and adds shiny neon retro graphics and weapons.

There are two game modes, quick race and tournament. Choose from 12 different ships to race, all with different performance stats, and designs. Half of them need to be unlocked by playing through the tournaments. There are three difficulty levels, and 12 tracks to master. The trick with these games is learning racing lines, which allow you to really fly round the courses.

On each track there are weapons scattered around, á la Mario Kart, plus turbo strips to give you a speed boost. There are also shield recharge points, that work like pit stops. You can be destroyed in the game, so keeping an eye on your damage and whether you should pit or not is important. If you need more tracks, there's an editor included so you can design your own.

Super Laser Racer is a fun game to play for a few minutes here and there. It looks cool, and racing can be frantic and dynamic. The difficulty levels are a bit unbalanced - easy is very easy, while normal is a lot harder. There are online leaderboards, which is cool, but no multiplayer.

Super Laser Racer is a fun futuristic arcade racing game that is a great way to fill a spare ten minutes.

Super Laser Racer


Super Laser Racer 1.0

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